About Dr. N

Dr. N is a high volume surgeon skilled in Minimally Invasive procedures and Vaginal Surgery. She has acquired special training in the field of Robotically Assisted Surgery as well as the field of Cosmetic Gynecology with the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America to broaden her expertise as a Gyn Surgeon. Dr. Nancy Salisbury collaborates with Esprit as a Master Surgeon in the field of Cosmetic Gynecology both in the surgical suite and in out-patient treatments for vaginal concerns as the ‘Female-Specialist” in matters relating to the Vagina and Vulva.

Dr. N has a special interest in Female Sexuality and interpersonal development and is willing to discuss individual challenges and solutions.  As her practice grows and LVR becomes more mainstream we are consolidating her two websites and housing all LVR content and general gynecology information into one site www.drngyn.com. Below are some YouTube videos on a variety of cosmetic gynecology procedures. If there is a topic that is not covered please let me know as we are continually adding to these topics.


At Lake Oswego GYN, Dr Salisbury and Zaander are high volume surgeons addressing ALL your personal needs including Cosmetic Gynecology.

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To better serve you we have consolidated our gynecology and vaginal rejuvenation sites into one website. Visit lakeoswegogyn.com to learn more.

DrN and Dr Zaander

Nancy Salisbury MD., Board Certified, Gynecologist & Aesthetic Surgeon, 17020 Pilkington Road, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035, Office: 503-908-1646