Vaginal Rejuvenation for a more satisfying look and
feel to the vulva and vagina for enhancement of sexuality.
  Nancy Salisbury MD.
Board Certified, Gynecologist &
Aesthetic Surgeon
17020 Pilkington Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
Office: 888-408-8899

Hi Traciee, thank you so much! You are such a beautiful lady and a bright spot in my life. I am so thankful that i don’t have to be checked for a whole year !!! That being said I will truly miss seeing you and Dr. Nancy you have been a blessing in our lives. With love

If I had to have surgery, this was the best experience I could have imagined. Dr. N was comforting and reassuring. Staff was warm and friendly. Thank you.

Dr. Salisbury represents everything you could possibly hope for in a doctor, plus she’s a great coordinator of procedures and for me at age 76. She was a guardian angel.

I pursued treatment with the Mona Lisa Touch for urinary urgency and frequency as well as vaginal rejuvenation. I have benefited in both cases and my urinary urgency/frequency is much reduced. this has vastly improved my quality of life issues and I’m most grateful for this improvement. Many thanks to Dr. N and her Team!

Dr. n gave me the most comfortable experience with my procedure and her whole staff is very friendly and helpful. Traciee you are awesome!

Dr. N and her staff are amazing! They all made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I live 3 hours away and was very comfortable with all of the steps we took to consider the drive and my comfort. Dr. Salisbury and Traciee helped me get where I am now, feeling more comfortable in my own skin, rather than just doing what I always have, which has been trying to accept the way I was built. My procedure consisted of a bilateral labiaplasty and some work on my perineum. I had a slight set back during my recovery – my own fault! Might I suggest listening and following any and all instructions and things to be cautious of, because I can say Dr. N was amazing and took care of me right away. After that doctor visit I was even more careful and can say that I feel I have healed well and beautifully! It took me so long to get the courage to be seen by someone. I highly recommend meeting Dr. N and her staff to see for yourself, whatever your concerns are…It is so worth it!

Dr. N is one of the most compassionate, caring doctors I’ve ever met. She made me feel at ease with my exams and surgery. I’m very pleased with my results albeit subtle. She is now my #1 choice for gynecologic examinations. You will love Dr. N and her staff!

Dr N and Traciee were so wonderful to work with during my experience, pre-op and post-op. I am beyond pleased with my results! I could not be happier and so glad I went ahead with the surgery. I’ll continue to use Dr. N for all of my gynecological needs!

If I had to have surgery this was the best experience I could have imagined. Dr. N was comforting and reassuring. Staff was warm and friendly.

My vaginal hysterectomy went very well! I received excellent care from pre-op to post-op. Dr. N is a competent, kind Dr and surgeon. I’m so glad I had the surgery and would highly recommend Dr. N!

I cannot say enough positive comments. I really felt everything was done to make me feel prepared and to know exactly what to expect. Everything went so smoothly. I feel so thankful to have had the surgery and for my issues to be behind me. Thank you so much!

I was treated more like a human being than I have been in years and am extremely thankful to all of you.

Dr. Salisbury and staff are wonderful. They helped me through the whole process and made me feel very comfortable. I am so glad I had this procedure done and that they were the ones who did it. Thank you so much!

From the beginning my daughter was made to feel very comfortable. We appreciated the way everyone made her feel even during a sensitive surgery (labiaplasty). She is very pleased and confident after the surgery. Thank you!

My surgery could be viewed as ‘major’ (repair of prolapse and vaginal hysterectomy) with many areas of repair needed and a 10-week recovery period. Dr. N gave me incredible support and personal assurance throughout this experience. I felt safe, important, heard and confident, both in the preparation phase of the surgery and post-surgical recovery. I believe that the procedure was performed by the most skilled surgeon of this type in the Portland area. As a result of the surgery, my life has improved dramatically and my body is now functioning in a way that I haven’t known for years. I am very pleased with Dr. N’s work and the results that I now get to enjoy daily.

Dr. Nancy went to great lengths to insure that both my husband and I were informed before, during and after my procedure. She anticipated our questions and concerns and gave us thoughtful and comprehensive answers. Her sensitivity and demeanor comforted us in what could have been an anxious and uncertain time. Thank you Dr. N!

At 60 years of age I discovered the fountain of youth from Dr. Nancy Salisburys Mona Lisa Touch treatment. I have a renewal of my femininity because my body has increased collagen and stronger tissues. This has reassured me of my bodies natural responsiveness. Thanks to Dr. N Gyn team, our marriage (husband and I) is stronger.

FIVE STAR RATING! Dr. N and her staff are extremely caring, competent and thorough. My surgery (Vaginal rejuvenation and bladder sling for stress incontinence) was a huge success and I would recommend Dr. N with great confidence! She is very brilliant and a gifted surgeon and doctor… and with a genuine concern for her patients! I couldn’t be happier!

Dr. N & staff made my entire experience positive each visit. I was informed, included and listened to with empathy. My procedure was fully explained in a language I understood. Dr. N’s competence, professionalism & concern for my well being were apparent in the office and in the hospital and I always felt genuinely care for. My procedure was a success!!

As always, my experience with Dr. N and the whole office staff was wonderful. They are warm, welcoming and always make me feel comfortable with the most sensitive topics. My surgical and post-op experience were smooth and ideal. P.S. I recommend you to all my friends!

Dr. Nancy and Traciee are so caring! I really enjoyed them both. So as Rachel! A very professional team. I have great results! I achieved exactly what I expected. A very natural outcome. Perineoplasty was a breeze. Didn’t feel much discomfort. Labioplasty was uncomfortable but never felt too painful. I am very happy! Thank you Dr. Nancy!

Dr. N and Staff were wonderful, caring and supportive through my whole experience. Best decision I ever made was to come see Dr. N. I’ve told everyone who will listen how great my experience was! So happy with my results. Thank you so much!!! (Laprascopic Vaginal Hysterectomy, Anterior Repair and TVT)

I am so happy I had the labiaplasty done. I wish I had done it sooner. I have had pain from my excess skin as long as I can remember and the 4 other doctors I talked to about it told me it was ‘normal’. Dr. Salisbury listened to me and was supportive through out the whole process.

Wonderful, easy experience from start to finish. Staff was excellent in accommodating my needs. Would recommend to anyone looking for the same procedure (labiaplasty).

This was my third surgery in an attempt to repair my perineum since the birth of my daughter twelve years ago. Dr. N is an amazing and gifted surgeon. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. The empathy her and Traciee and the staff have share is what truly has made the difference for me. I felt cared for, simply put. And now I am not just better but healed.

Dr. Salisbury is nothing short of a skilled artist in her field. She has incredible knowledge, and is amazingly patient, caring and compassionate. She made absolutely sure we were there for the right reasons, but when all was said and done, she changed our life and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. My surgery was extensive and had a very long recovery; however Dr. N and Traciee were very supportive and helped us every step of the way. Dr. N gave both my husband and I a beautiful gift to share for which we will be forever grateful.

I am so happy that I had this procedure done (Posterior repair with perineoplasty and bilateral labiaplasty). I would recommend Dr. Salisbury to anyone. I felt cmpletely comfortable from the moment I first met her. I wish she could be my primary care doctor as well. Her staff were wonderful and easy to work with. The whole experience has been amazing!

Everything has been better then I could have ever imagined. The professional and comfortable care was second to none. Life changing in all the right ways!

Dr. N and staff have been so wonderful- reassuring, informative and genuine. My surgery (labioplasty) and recovery process was relatively uncomplicated and the work Dr. N did was so very precise and artful. No one could perform these delicate procedures with more skill. I owe Dr. N and her team enormous gratitude for a job very, very well done.

She did a great job. For my first surgery ever-if they were all this easy. Everybody is very caring here! Thank you!

Dr. Salisbury is a caring and compassionate professional. It is hard to find a good doctor with all of these qualities. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family. Her staff is great too!


Your team is SERIOUSLY awesome. I’m sad that I’m moving and can’t keep you as my doc. No improvements necessary. Take care all.


Dr. Salisbury has to be one of the finest physicians/surgeons in our area. When I needed to address a fibroid she answered all my questions and concerns completely and thoroughly. Dr. N is a compassionate physician who understood my fears and walked me through the surgery procedure so I felt secure in my decision. I would recommend Dr. N and her staff to anyone needing an outstanding physician.


All of you were absolutely wonderful! Your attention to detail and personal availability to me made me feel very confident in the level of care I received. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone in the future. (Labioplasty)

Happy with Procedure. So glad to have had it done when I did. Everyone was great. I felt well informed and well taken care of, from pre-op to post-op. I felt like I was in great hands.


Dr. Salisbury is not only compassionate but will fight for her patients. She listens to her patients and incorporates that feedback into her care. She really know what she is about and makes that knowledge accessible to her patients without judgement. My procedure wet by without a hitch. I would recommend her to anyone and would be under her care any time! Her staff is as good as she is too!


Great – The staff was professional, helpful and attentive.


I was nervous for my procedure, the pain and the recovery, but in retrospect that was silly! I couldn’t have been in better hands with Dr. N and her staff. One week after surgery I was amazed at how good I felt. Two weeks now and I feel great, just tired in the afternoons. Now I have an excuse to take a nap and then I’m good to go again! So glad I had this procedure done.


Dr. Nancy Salisbury is a very professional and caring doctor. My surgery was very successful. She explained the surgical procedures and all of my personal concerns. My procedure was a day surgery with no complications. I was only had 2 days recovery time and now I feel great again! Thank you!


Having a partial hysterectomy was an amazing experience. The recovery was great. I had the nerve block and didn’t feel pain after the surgery and was on my way home within an hour or two out of surgery. I couldn’t tell that she had laser surgeried the endometriosis. I no longer have pain and feel human for the first time in a very long time. I feel better and have more energy. Dr. Salisbury is my lifesaver and did an amazing job. I feel like I am living again. Not living with pain anymore. Thank you!!


Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and compassionate doctor who listens to your patients. I so appreciate your caring attitude regarding my family situation. I also wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your nurse. She is such a compliment to your practice with her friendly, personable and caring demeanor.


I saw Dr. N today and I am so thrilled that she is my doctor. I feel as if I can ask her anything without being embarrassed or uncomfortable. I am 60 and it is the first time I felt like I could be completely frank with my doctor. Thank you Dr. N. You Rock!


Hi Dr. Salisbury. I just wanted to thank you. I’ve not had great luck with dr’s and I’ve often gone home to see my moms friends, but every time I walk out of your office I text someone that I love my gyno. Thank you for taking such good care of me.


Wonderful, professional and caring staff. Knowledgable and willing to talk and answer questions. Excellent patient care. My procedure was a success.


My procedure went very well. Everyone was very supportive and looked after my needs.


Dr. N is truly a superb surgeon and human being. She performed a challenging robotic LSH for me and the recovery has been better than I could have imagined. At every stage she engendered the highest confidence, about her knowledge, expertise, and her caring commitment to my situation, both physical and emotional. She also showed great concern for my husband’s obvious stress. She and her staff were always accessible and genuinely caring throughout the whole process. They made the scheduling and coordination of the surgery worry-free, while doing it virtually since I live primarily in Africa and only visit the U.S. once or twice a year. I found Dr. N through the internet when I could not get my primary care physician to help me in a timely manner. I was suffering terrible, massive bleeding and something needed to be done pronto. I sent Dr. N an email, and within a few hours she contacted me with words that were caring, comfortable, and full of action. Thank you to Dr. N and her team.



Never had I had such great care and attention from a doctor. Nancy’s approach to caring for her patients makes you feel like you are talking with your BFF who happens to be a doctor. If you are not seeing Nancy, then you are missing out on excellent care!

Everything, regarding robotic hysterectomy, was so well explained in advance that I felt a sense of relief to finally have it done. Post surgery has gone better than expected. So happy that ‘we’ made this decision. Thank you to Dr. N and Paige for taking such special care of me!

While having any surgery is nerve racking, I have to say that Dr. Salisbury explained so well I had nothing but confidence in her. I would recommend Dr. N any time.

I felt so comfortable with Dr. N and her staff. They made an uncomfortable issue for me very easy and I couldn’t be any more pleased with the results (labiaplasty). Dr. N is such a skilled doctor. Because of her I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m so happy I made my consultation appointment. That was the only hard part.

Dr. N and her staff are wonderful, very helpful and friendly. The results are great and I’m seeing improvements daily. I am very pleased with my entire experience.

Dr. N is truly fantastic. She performed laparoscopic surgery for me with the absolute best outcome possible. She did an outstanding job, going above and beyond in her commitment to my health and recovery, as well as my future fertility goals.
She and her wonderful staff made me feel comfortable and cared for throughout an experience which was scary and emotional for me. I am so impressed with the results of my surgery, and am incredibly grateful for the positive impact Dr. N has had on my life.
In addition, the whole team was accessible and attentive from start to finish, making it very easy to schedule and coordinate the surgery from out of town because I live primarily in a different state-SF.

For someone that is completely terrified of going for a check up, been 7 years. I just met the amazing and compassionate group of women for the first time today. Wasn’t sure if I was even able to build the courage to go through it. I can’t even explain how wonderful they were. Spent time with me and explained everything that was going to happen. I am beyond thankful for them. The rooms are welcoming and warm, unlike a typical exam room. I would recommend Dr. N to everyone. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for such great attention and care! You were very good at preparing me and very informational! Petroff forgot to give us ice packs which was unfortunate because I stayed 1 hour away, but it worked out! Everything else was Awesome! You work with all quality people. You show that you care more about the person than anything else 🙂

My labiaplasty was fast, nearly painless and handled by very kind people. Every body that has been involved with my procedure has had my best interest at heart. Thank you!!

I honestly can say this has changed my life. I am very pleased to have had the surgery. My workouts, self-esteem, overall life has progressed. I was the fastest at healing and called a trouble maker but it was well worth the wait 🙂 Very thankful!

Such a great procedure. My nerves were high and Dr. N and Paige took the best care of me. I recovered quickly and with minimal pain. The procedure worked for me and the follow up was fantastic. I would highly recommend the treatment here. You cared for me fro beginning to end. A very holistic approach make it so fabulous. I feel very cared for!

This was the best experience and the outcome was better than I expected. I wish I had done it years ago. I’m one very happy lady. Dr. N and Staff are the Best!!!

Dr. Salisbury was so understanding and after the procedure I noticed no more leaking after sneezing and coughing within the first 2 weeks. It was worth it and Dr. Salisbury is wonderful and trustworthy to work with.

Fabulous office staff. Dr. Salisbury is the easiest most comforting gynecologist/surgeon I have ever had!

Procedure went very well, low pain. Staff was very helpful in calming my nerves. Dr. N was great and also helped calm my nerves, explained procedure and answered all my questions. Will recommend Dr. N to others. Thank you!!

Dr. Nancy Salisbury listened to me! I was told by another Dr. that I wasn’t a canidate for this procedure and I thought why! It’s taking over my life (periods) Dr. N took the time to discuss my options. We decided the LSH surgery would be best for me. I have to say I was extremely nervous initially. Dr. N and nurse Paige, also Sara at front desk were so helpful and calmed me down. I feel great 2 weeks post op and so happy that I did this. I can’t believe how easy the whole process, surgery & healing has been. My incisions look fantastic. I only took pain meds for 2 days post-op and then switched to Advil for a few days. Dr. N is the best!

I cannot thank you enough! I am feeling so much better after a long tough road. I am so happy I found you and am kind of sad that this journey is over. You and your staff truly are the best. After a lot of fear, I can say that this was the best decision! I feel great ! And I love you guys!

I have had a great experience with my surgery, before and after. I felt comfortable and at ease. Everyone was so nice and caring.

In and out with no problems. Great follow-up by an easy to work with staff.

Overall my surgery went well. No major complications. I am pain free and healing well: (2 days following labiaplasty)

You guys are all so great! I cannot express my gratitude enough. Dr. N… you have been so kind. Thank you for listening to me and helping me through this. I wish I had found you years ago! You have truly saved my life!! I cannot thank you enough.

Great experience. I am thrilled to recover and go on with my love life. I can’t describe in words the amount of confidence I have gained.

I had no pain at all-they gave me drugs after surgery-the last dose was at 11:30 pm the day of surgery and the next day I took several doses of Advil. I was tired, but that was the only symptom. I walked at an incline of 5.0, but low speed for 40 minutes, 11 days after surgery.

I have a very extensive and honestly scary history with my vagina that included a fusion, vulvodynia and a fourth degree tear with my second pregnancy that resulted in a cystocele and rectocele and I have to say, talking to Dr N about my issues was like talking to a great friend and am beyond thrilled to have my issues taken care of by her and I have to say she put me at peace with many of my concerns. So very happy!


Procedure Tubal Ligation/Laparoscopic Easy , fast and quick recovery. Recommend it!!! Very Very small scar, so happy I did it.


After five years of SUI I was referred to Dr. N for evaluation. It was the best decision I ever made. In February 2003 I had the TVT procedure and nine years later I remain leak free…I can run, sneeze, cough, lift, laugh and exercise without losing a drop. I am overjoyed and grateful to be able to experience life without fear of “losing it” in public places! My continuing thanks and appreciation to Dr. N for my new “lease on life”!
– Suzanne Pitzer


Dr. N
This is one of the best videos I’ve seen today!! Thanks!!! This is the kind of stuff I love seeing on Youtube. I didn’t know about stuff like this! You’re awesome at making videos thanks for sharing! Super! You’re a legend Thank You Thank You!
– Genilson


Dr. N and staff,
I always come away from my annual exam feeling like I’ve been to visit my favorite group of friends. Warm and welcoming from reception until the moment I leave! Dr. N, I especially appreciate your compassion and willingness to listen.
– Sherrey M.


Dr. N,
I just wanted to let you know I got the prescriptions today. Thank you so much for getting that done so quickly!
– Lisa V.


Dr. Salisbury
I want to thank you for all of your positive attitudes, words of wisdom and constant encouragement to those around you. You are always full of advice that will only bring people up. My favorite saying is, “They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Make it worth watching.” And my first thought when I heard you were “paving your own road” from here on out,, was “It’s her movie!” I’m proud of you! I know it’s a leap of faith and I know he will be right there by your side! Congratulations and Thank you for letting us all be a part of your life.
– Becky


Dr. Salisbury,
It has been such a pleasure working with and getting to know you. I wish you so much luck and happiness in this new chapter. You are a beautiful person, a strong woman and an exceptional provider! You have always demonstrated patience and caring and grace!
Thank you so much for all you’ve done and all you will continue to do. You will be missed greatly.
– Kati


Thank you for your guidance, your strength, your compassionate care with patients. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with you. Best wishes for you on your new journey.
– Marny


It has been such a pleasure working with and getting to know you. I wish you so much luck and happiness in this new chapter. You are a beautiful person, a strong woman and an exceptional provider! You have always demonstrated patience and caring and grace!
Thank you so much for all you’ve done and all you will continue to do. You will be missed greatly.
– Kati


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