Vaginal Rejuvenation for a more satisfying look and
feel to the vulva and vagina for enhancement of sexuality.
  Nancy Salisbury MD.
Board Certified, Gynecologist &
Aesthetic Surgeon
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Risks and Complications

Female Genital Plastic Surgery is a safe surgical procedure with over 10 years of data collected for the laser assisted procedures. Thousands of women from over 50 countries in the world have undergone surgical procedures using the laser assisted technique that allows a ‘bloodless’ approach- leading to excellent aesthetic results. The complication rate is less than 1% of all patients for the combined procedures. The primary risk is postoperative bleeding that may require office based assistance, wound breakdown which also can be taken care of in the office setting, or less than optimal aesthetic results which again is dealt with under local anesthesia in the office setting. A complete review of all operative risks will be carried out at the time of consultation as well as informed consent for each procedure. There is no disruption of blood or innervation to the genital structures. If ‘overtightening’ is perceived, this can be easily remedied with physical therapy. Patient satisfaction rates are excellent. Need for hospitalization does not occur. Please call for a consultation and a thorough review of the procedure, alternatives and risks will be carried out by Dr. N.