Vaginal Rejuvenation for a more satisfying look and
feel to the vulva and vagina for enhancement of sexuality.
  Nancy Salisbury MD.
Board Certified, Gynecologist &
Aesthetic Surgeon
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Female Genital Plastic Surgery

Female Genital Plastic Surgery is the fastest growing area in Plastic Surgery today. Women have reached a level of comfort with choosing procedures for themselves to help them feel better about their appearance and it is becoming a social norm. Women are not afraid to talk about it and information is getting out there about correcting vulvovaginal structures. As this specialty is growing women are able to approach a clinician and ask for procedures to enhance the look and feel of their genital structures. Women do this both to feel better about how they look but also to enhance sexuality. These are considered aesthetic procedures as are other plastic procedures. They are safe and satisfaction rate is tremendous. There are a variety of different procedures available that will be personalized to a woman’s needs.