Vaginal Rejuvenation for a more satisfying look and
feel to the vulva and vagina for enhancement of sexuality.
  Nancy Salisbury MD.
Board Certified, Gynecologist &
Aesthetic Surgeon
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Before and After Photos

Below are a sample of DrN’s photo gallery.  Many of her patients do not want to be featured on the gallery due to privacy issues.  Other gallery pictures will be shared at consultation with DrN.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation via Anterior and Posterior Repair with Correction of Stress Incontinence AND Bilateral Laser Reduction Labiaplasty with Clitoral Hood Reduction.

This is a patient in her 50’s who had 3 vaginal deliveries. She came in due the asymmetry and length of her small lips and looseness of the inside of the vagina and leaking with laughing , coughing, sneezing. She had LVR Anterior with correction of Stress Incontinence, LVR Posterior for overall tightening of the vagina. She also has Laser assisted Labiaplasty to make the outside lips smaller and more symmetrical. She has had complete repair of the leaking and is very satisfied with the look and feel. She wanted a natural look.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation via anterior and posterior repair with correction of Stress Incontinence.

This patient Came in for LVR Anterior and Posterior and correction of Stress Incontinence due to the loose feel of her vagina and urinary leakage following vaginal deliveries. She knew something was wrong after the birth of her last child and despite working out and Kegels, could not get the looseness to go away. Before surgery you can see the space that was corrected by all internal stitches and repair. She did not want labial surgery done, was aware of her asymmetry which was there from birth and was comfortable with this. She is so satisfied by the appearance and the feel of the repair and has returned to working out without leaking!

Bilateral Laser Assisted Labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction.

This patient came in due to the asymmetry and pigmentation of her small lips. It had always made her self- conscious and she wanted to look different. She wanted a trimmed look with less pigment and skin folds.

Bilateral Laser Assisted Labiaplasty

This patient had ALWAYS been bothered by the appearance of her external structures. She felt there was too much skin that made it hard to wipe, exercise and feel comfortable during intercourse. She wanted the trimmed for a natural appearance but still wanted some labiae! This is the look SHE wanted.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation via Anterior and Posterior Repair with perineoplasty

This patient came in with complaints of “I don’t feel anything down there any more” after vaginal deliveries. It was a problem for her and her partner. She was interested in having her sensation come back for sexual gratification. The perineoplasty was done in conjunction with the interior repair to allow a tighter introitus that enhances sexual gratification.< /p>